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You don't have to hide the whips.

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Portland, OR

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Subby Hubby Handyman

is your go-to guy for

getting things done.

Kinky Jobs. Vanilla Jobs. Odd jobs of Most Kinds.

PilotAdventurer is an owned submissive and member of the kink community who is in regular attendance at 50 Shades of STFU. He has experience in a wide variety of odd jobs, is incredibly handy, and has a great work ethic. He has community references that can be provided; please reach out for more information.

Kinky Menu

Kinky Furniture Set Up

Did you know kinky furniture can be a pain in the ass to assemble? Pilot Adventurer puts together a lot of furniture. He’s available (with his Domme’s express permission, of course) to pop over and assemble the naughty pieces you’re dying to try out.

Kinky Courier Services

Did you place a curbside order at SheBop and then realize you don’t have the time to go pick up your dildos? Call PilotAdventurer! He’ll go pick up your sexy gear and porch drop it.

Kinky Stagecraft

Are you performing at 50 Shades of STFU and need help figuring out your setup? Would your heart be full if you had a paper mache sub pinata to beat to your heart’s content in front of the admiring crowd? Or do you need some help setting up for your scene at Sub Rosa or another delightful spot? Let PilotAdventurer help you take your stagecraft dreams from fantasy to reality.

Vanilla Menu

Vanilla ice cream

Vanilla Furniture Set Up

Do you need someone respectable to come put a couch together? Pilot Adventure is available to assemble the normcore couch you bought so your mother can visit at Christmas and you can watch “It’s a Wonderful Life." (PS: You kiss your mother with that mouth?)

Vanilla Courier Services

Did you place a curbside order at a store where they don’t sell dildos, like Target? Do you need grocery pick up so you can go to the PTA meeting? Call PilotAdventurer! He’ll go pick up your pedestrian accoutrements and leave 'em on your porch.

Vanilla Bean and Flower
Vanilla Bean and Flower
Vanilla Bean and Flower

Vanilla Stagecraft

Are you performing at open mic night and need help figuring out your setup? Would your heart be finally full if you had props for your kids’ school play that look professionally made to the admiring crowd? Let PilotAdventurer help you figure out how to stage your way to social accolade.

Vanilla Bean and Flower

All services marked with a vanilla bean are guaranteed to be respectable.


General fee is $50 per hour for services within the Portland metro area. For services outside of Portland, please reach out via our contact email for an estimate.

One Pair of Fluffy Pink Hand Cuffs

For large or multipart jobs, please reach out to us via our contact email to share your needs with us, and we can provide a rough estimate for services.

Odd Jobs of Most Kinds

Handyman tools

Fixing & Cleaning


Carrying Things

Helping You Move

Computer/Cell Phone/iPad Troubleshooting

Man Carrying Boxes in Warehouse

And more!

Give us a call.


Woman wearing fishnet stockings

“PilotAdventurer built my brand new couch and he did an excellent job. He brought his own tools, did it quickly and expertly, and I’m so proud of him that I’m encouraging him to support the kink community with his talent. He is kind, respectful, and professional. You don’t have to hide the whips when PilotAdventurer drops by.”

- somaticbabe

Boundaries & Restrictions:

PA may be kinky, but he really is just a handyman.

There is no full or partial nudity or sex (of any kind) offered or implied.

Asking about these activities will let us know you've not read the website and will likely result in no response.

Any solicitation happening during a job or service will end the service immediately.

vanilla soft ice cream
Closeup of Furniture Assembly with Professional Tools.

Subby Hubby Handyman

leather chair



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